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August 26, 2012


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Oh my... yesterday evening I was simply e x h a u s t e d.:faint:
Probably because I had f a b u l o u s fun with Daria again.:iconfabulousplz:
You have no idea how I missed her during the last month (she was at the countryside). I really felt like I smoked some weeds or something! :O And I didn't...:XD: Really.;P How do I know how it feels then?
Anyways... my cheeks were red, my eyes were sparkling and I was kinda dizzy. :giggle: And that was JUST a walk... what's gonna happen today, when we get to Warsaw?? (we didn't go on Saturday due to some cirumstances)

All I ask of you is not to feel sad, offended or disappointed. I just don't want you to feel any kind of negtive feelings because  I'm not here as often as I wished to... this is the last week of my holidays and I'm really busy and distracted. Apart from meeting Daria I have some work at home, I still haven't bought all of my school books... at the same time I have so many journals to write, presents to give, pictures to post and so on... and, of course, MANY messages to reply... if my feedback goes below hundred today, I think I'll post an entry... if I don't, it means that I'm just too tired. I do love to get messages. I just hate not being able to reply. :saddummy:

I think I've said enough, probably even too much.:D
See you again in the evening, I'm leaving in a few minutes.:bye:

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I know what you mean dear Queen...I myself have been very busy as of late and I hate to neglect my dear friends...especially would make me seem uncaring and cold the longer I wait in replying! It's awful! But I love you and I could never be angry with you...and I understand how problematic life can be sometimes...ridden with events that are out of our power!
Nah, I don't feel any kind of unkindness from you.=P And even more I don't feel any cold! :noes: As I said, I feel more than it's written in your messages... yeah, Zel and her magic powers. :lol: :iconwooooplz:
No matter how problematic your life is, I still hope that you're dealing with it somehow... sometimes it's just good to stop and look at your problems from the other perspective. The longer we have to struggle with it, the more awful it seems to us... and then, you need to make the new beginning on your own! ;) Just hope that you are okay or even great, as always...
I'm flooding you with my words today.:giggle: I just can't help that! :dummy:
L-Rickman-Depp Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I am so glad you had a great time :glomp:
hehehh I am stuffed with messages as well :faint: I now officially know how it feels to have to many things to answer :giggle: although I love to get the messages :P
I had fun, at the countryside, on Sunday with Daria and yesterday with her in Warsaw! :giggle: It was soooo amazing! :love: I wish I had more time to write an entry... I just don't know what I should do first... reply to the messages and emails... post the presents.. or maybe write the journals? :O It's annoying. :X And I have to prepare so many things for school...:tears:

Good luck with yours, darling! :tighthug: Nice to hear from you again, it makes my day so much brighter. :D
L-Rickman-Depp Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
d'aww no problem!! you never fail to let me smile!! :huggle:

so have I! so much to do!! so little time! :noes: I wish time could be stopped sometimes :XD:
Ahh.. it's annoying.:X I wish I could rather have a longer day.. that would be very cool! :lol:
caspisan Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's nice to read that you had a great time C: I hope you're going to have/or had just as much fun in Warsaw!!! Or even more fun! :giggle:
I had and I'm going to have, because I'm meeting Daria again in the afternoon. :love: And yesterday in Warsaw was just fabulous, you'll see more details in an entry I'm going to write when I have some free time finally. :saddummy:
Thank you for your words, as always sweetie!:iconrainbowlaplz:
caspisan Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:3 That's fabulous! I'll be waiting haha xD but don't rush yourself ;)
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